If you look at the list of most often visited Polish sites, you will certainly find Wieliczka on the leading position. The argument that it is inscribed in the UNESCO's First World List of Cultural and Natural Heritage seems to be very convincing to most people. And indeed the Salt Mine has something to boast about. It is the oldest Salt Mine in Europe, which was active up until 1997. It is hidden below the town, situated on 9 levels, reaching 327 m deep with 300 km of galleries and 3000 salt chambers. The Salt Mine has magnificent chapels (with a pearl in the form of breathtaking Chapel of St. Kinga), captivating underground lakes, original tools and equipment. Visiting the 20 historic chambers, available for tourists, connected by 2 kilometers of passages lasts approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes.

Temperature in the Mine is around 14 C (57 F) so remember to take a jacket with you, when going down. Also mind that in the beginning you need to walk 378 steps down to start the tour. Fortunately on the way back, you will take an elevator.